Apprentices ‘out-earning graduates by up to

As a leading provider of Logistics Apprenticeships were hugely excited about the findings of a Barclays-commissioned study that indicates not only a salary premium among apprentices over graduates but also that the former group could stand to earn as much as quantifiednutrition more than the latter over their lifetimes. A bright future for apprentices across the board Perhaps surprisingly it is in three fields that are especially popular among university students the arts media and publishing .

Perceived Change Readiness Differs Between Supply Chain Executives and Employees

In a news story that will interest many of those involved in Logistics Recruitment a recent Gartner survey has found that while a third of supply chain executives believe that their organisation is ready for change this view is only shared by of the wider workforce deptofmarketing Gartner described a situation of differing perceptions between supply chain professionals and their employees on the subject of their organisation’s capability in adapting to change. The technology research firm added…

The Impact Of New Breed Technology On Logistics

Conventional transit and logistics are well on the path to embracing the digital age, with augmented reality and robots finding greater utilisation in warehouses for quicker stock and staff management. The impact of these new technologies is yet to change logistics thebobbyjack beyond recognition. But in the coming years the new tech already under extensive development by many innovative start-ups looks set to reinvent logistics and make a profound impact on how the worlds Logistics consultants work.

Good Reasons To Choose France For Your Next Golf Holiday

Good Reasons To Choose France For Your Next Golf Holiday France is, of course, already well-known as a fantastic holiday destination. However it has much more than such attractions as the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum to recommend it. Thats because it is also a great country in which to enjoy golf, thanks largely to the country’s easy accessibility and a wide array of enticing golf courses. Here is a more detailed run-down of what it is about France Golf Holidays that makes them s…